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Anonymous asked: I was just wondering if you know of anywhere where I can still buy old makeup? Money is no object, but I have a wanting for everything that I see on this blog.

I’m terrible.  I saw this message the day you sent it dear anon, said “I will reply to this later” and then promptly forgot.

Ebay is actually a good place to find vintage makeup items (and sometimes where I find some of the pics I use here.. and since I source my images you should be able to trail them back to the sellers who are selling these items.)

There used to be a site that sold a lot of older drugstore items that I visited frequently but it has been so long since I have visited it that I cannot remember what it was and since you brought up purchasing older items it is driving me crazy, I wish I could remember!  If I ever stumble across it I’ll be sure to share it here as well.

And sometimes just putting the item you are looking for into a search engine can yield interesting results when it comes to items for sale.  Good luck!